Context: In France , we are much to have cliches on electric cars. According to French people, electric cars don’t have enough autonomy, charging devices, have a low acceleration performance... In short, they seem less efficient than a petrol car.

The idea here is to talk about world record athlete performances that seems impossible to reach in order to show a cliche. Then, revealing that it is in fact about the performances of an electric car. In this way the audience is brought to accept the performance of the electric car.
In addition, the comparison with the high-level athlete comes to personify the capacity and efficiency of the car and talk about his sporting characteristics.

School project. The TV spot is a model made ​​from existing videos on Vimeo. These videos were compiled and edited to serve my concept . AD & Copyrighting: Aurore Michelin / Voiceover : Benjamin Roux / Music : Injection by Hans Zimmer

digital : advertising campaign / print / TV spot

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