Brand: At the beginning, Starbucks were created by Jerry Baldwin, professor of English, Zev Stiegel, professor of history and the writer Gordon Bawker, so 3 people established in a cultural and literary environment.

Concept: I wanted here to propose a return to the source of the brand, by playing on these origins that not much people really know. Indeed, only few of us can remember that Starbuck is the name of a lieutenant in Moby Dick, a man responsible for the order on board … This is why Starbucks proposes to rediscover this story, which is at the origin of the name of its shop signs.

The illustrations used for the campaign have been created by Rockwell Kent for the new Moby Dick novel and the covers proposed for the participation in the competition are coming from internet users works whose names appear in the video of the web site.

digital: poster campaign / competition / Web site




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