evian chez vous

Request: In June 2013, Evian created a home delivery service for your water bottles: evianchezvous.com. Today Evian wishes to promote this service with a new innovating packaging, an advertising device which will put the pack ahead, as well as simplicity to be delivered at home.

Concept: Creation of an intelligent packaging, especially conceived to ever avoid you having to worry about your water bottles.
As the water needs for your home are not always equivalent one week to the other, depending on your activities, outgoings, receptions… Evian created a flexible system, adapted to your needs: a connected pack. When you to remove the last bottle of this one, our home delivery is immediately informed by wifi and will dissue again in next the 24 hours. By this way, you will never be in need of water again.

advertising : packaging / print / guerilla


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